Reel Mexican Adventures - Entry Requirements

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Flying to Mexico

In order to visit our facility, you will need the following to fly into Mexico:

  • A valid driver's license
  • Your passport
  • If you are bringing in a child, they will need a passport
  • If only one parent is accompanying the child, you will need a permission letter from the other parent
  • If you are flying commercial, you will be given a Tourist Visa Form to fill out on the plane and it is stamped and returned to you when they check your identification
  • If you are flying private, you will be given a Tourist Visa Form to fill out at your point of entry

Driving to Mexico

If you are driving to our facility, their are certain requirements to enter Mexico. They are:

  • Vehicle title or registration - The vehicle must be titled or registered in YOUR name
  • If the vehicle is financed, rented, or leased, you must have a notorized letter of permission from the bank or lienholder
  • If the vehicle is company-owned, you must also have a letter of permission from the company/business on a company letterhead
  • Proof of citizenship - is a passport
  • Major credit card in the same name as the title or registration
  • Valid driver's license