Lake Huites Fabulous Fly Fishery

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Traditionally, the fabled bass lakes of Mexico have been considered a plug casters paradise. For three decades, bass anglers, armed with stout rods, heavy line and an assortment of wood plugs and lead sinkers, have trekked "South of the Border" in hot pursuit of aggressive Mexican bigmouths.

Flip Pallot at Lake Huites LodgeOn an early June filming of his Walker's Cay Chronicles an ESPN angling travel program, Flip Pallot proved that Huites' bass might assault a fly even better than the traditional plugs used by baitcasting anglers.

"This might be the finest bass fishing show ever shot using fly rods instead of plug rods," offered Pallot. "This was as fine a freshwater fishery as I've ever been to and I am so excited to air this show. It may turn many ardent fly casters on to the fact that Mexico has been untouched by anglers desiring to pursue bass on the fly.

"These fish are so aggressive and will readily attack an assortment of surface flies. Wait until you see the slow motion action of big bass slurping flies off the surface and then trying to rid themselves of the fly as they leap two feet out of the water with gills flaring."

Lake Huites Lodge owner Terry Hollan admits that he and his guides were a bit skeptical when Pallot told them that he would like to exclusively fish for bass using only his fly gear.

"At first, we were quite leary when Flip expressed his interest to fly fish at Huites, but we were proven wrong when he caught as many fish as all the plug casters combined," says Hollan. "Rene Salazar, one of the best guides in Mexico and an expert with a plastic worm and crankbait, states that the next time we see him on the lake he just might be using a fly rod himself!"

Fishing trips to Huites start at $1195, plus airfare to Los Mochis, and are all inclusive. The packages include: 4 nights of lodging, three days of guided fishing, all meals, drinks and housekeeping services. The boats are 18 feet and have 65 HP motors and trolling motors.