Lake Huites Lodge - Feedback

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Just returned from Huites. Fished Feb 13,14&15 based out of Lake Huites Lodge. We caught between 40 & 45 per man per day. Some claimed as high as 70/80. There were 3 to 4 over 9#. The two of us baged at least 25 5# or more, 3-6#, 2-61/2#, and 1-7#.

First 2 days we caught all the big one's. Rained first day & 1/2, water got muddy large one's went deep. They are starting to spawn so conditions should improved. Not much success with top water in the AM but a lot of action on Pop-R's & Chug Bugs late afternoon. Any color seemed to work. Had little success with worms & lizards but some claim good action off the ledges with both mostly in watermelon. Flukes were great in landing the lunkers (white & gray) and of course Bill Dance Fat Free Shad 3" (firetiger & citrus) were killing them. Make sure you pack 3/4 oz. Rat-L-Traps in Chrome/Blue back & Chroms/Char back.

Hi Terry,

My buddy Keith and I just returned from Lake Huites this Wednesday. Just wanted to thank you for yet another great trip of a lifetime!! It is rough traveling down there from the East coast but you and your staff make it well worth it. The lodge looks great and we were waited on hand and foot. The food was excellent like before and Rene was a lot of fun like always. I'm glad to see your business is booming, you deserve it for putting so much time and thought into your operation. Oh yeah, the fishing was great too!

This year we did not catch the size but we caught the numbers, averaged about 100 bass a day!! I hope to post a report in the next day or two. Rene suggested mid February for next year so I hope you will have room for us around Presidents Day because I will be there! Thanks again for all your help and suggestions in setting up the trip. I hope this will be Keith and I's yearly fishing trip for many more years to come. Keep in touch and take care of yourself,

Jon Ehrmann

Terry, Rene, Manuel, Russ and Staff:

We hope you had as good of a time with us as we did with you. We sure enjoyed our short visit.

Our fishing report is not about the 150 fish a day that you hear about. But, with a previous hurricane and water levels down, made fishing a little tougher. There was 12 in our group the biggest fish was 9 lb., 2- 8lb and quite a few 4 to 7 LB fish caught. The Pop R Bite was a lot of fun, when you can set your rod down and film all your partners. "Pop R Bite" means you can get a lot of top water bites.

We caught most of our fish on worms, Carolina Riged, Rattle Traps, 3/4 and 1 oz. Blue and Chrome, Excalibur Fat Free Shad Pearl Color and Pop R's.

This Statement just about sums up all of our fishing expectations.

The Last morning all 12 of our group went to a cove, we were all within casting rang of each other. Some fishermen and fishingwomen lost lures when casting across somebody's boat. All in fun of course, loads of fun, where can you take 6 boats, 12 people, catch bass right beside one another and laugh about bird nests, watch 2 in the group catch 2- 4 lb. bass on the same lure.

Well, Terry loads of fun, Bob suggested you could make this more exciting if you had a Margarita Boat!!!

From the Morgan Group, we thank you and your entire group for a great time. See you in February.

Well what can I say that has not already been said. My son, Cooter (Lacour) Graduated with honors from high school this month. His Mom and I offered him anything within reason for his accomplishment. I thought he may choose a laptop computer. To my pleasant surprise, he asked if I could take him fishing at Huites. What do you think about his decision. Let's look forward about 60 years. Laptop, or memories of catching 634 bass in 3 days with his long gone dad. I am not a prophet, but I have a feeling when his time comes, his thoughts will be more of Huites than of a laptop computer .

Thanks Ovide


Great trip. My son and I never caught more fish. We're already talking about next year.

I hit the enter key before finishing my "fishing report" and didn't get to thank everyone at the lodge for all their fine service. Everyone made us feel right at home.........spoiled rotten would be a better way to put it............LOL

Thanks for the well stocked "fishing supply store", although we about wiped out the crank bait sizes and colors. Please consider some "tourist stuff" and perhaps a supply of postcards. Anything locally made with "Mexico" stamped on it....(small and easy to pack).......We Hawaii tourist have to bring something home to everyone to show we've been there. LOL

I think the flyfishing possibilities are really good, and I am trying to arrange a later trip with some of my flyfishing friends. Those bass seemed to love every fly I tryed... It would be hard to put a flyfishermen and a regular bass fisherman on the same boat, but two experienced fly fisherman should have no problem. Most of my friends are versital and could flyfish early and late, and use worms or crankbaits during midday....With full sinking lines, even fishing deep wouldn't be a problem......we're not hard corp, we just love to catch fish.............and boy can you catch fish at Lake Huites.

Again, please thank everyone for a wonderful........we will be back.

Chris and Stan Wright


Trip was excellent! Talking with some friends who haven`t been to Mexico fishing about coming back next year. Just got the pictures. Will show those big bass to them later.

Took us almost two days to discover that my pardner`s electronic scales were bad off! We kept saying those fish looked bigger than they were weighing. But since we knew they had spawned out we kept looking for the bigger one! Finally we wised up and checked them with my electronic scales and discovered the problem! I checked my scales when I got home and they seemed accurate. We actually caught most of our bigger fish the first day and possibility my biggest one before the front came through that first night. Pardner weighed the largest during the scale fisaco at 8 lb and 12 oz. Just got an email from him today. He had measured its length and girth he figured it by the fish formula at 9 1/2 lb. His biggest ever. My largest after discovering the problem was about 7 lb., but I had not measured any of mine.

But all this is just another fish tale, right! Still a very good trip!

Renee and everyone there was really nice. You have a good team! Guides nice, food excellent and plenty of it. Keep up the good service.


Roy Ashely


I love you. My son loves you. You are our hero. We want you to legally adopt us. Now for the recap. Barrett and I caught a total of 411 fish in the three days. Rene was gracious enough to let his brother Manual take care of us the entire time. Had I been with another older more experienced fisherman I guess the numbers would have been even greater.

You cannot imagine what this trip meant to a 13 year old kid. Manual, as well as the entire crew at the lodge treated him like a little king. It was funny to watch Manual teach him basics of worm fishing, how to tie on lures, how to set hooks, how to lip fish and remove hooks, how to revive a worn out fish, how to cast in the wind, how to everything that sometime we older folks take for granted.

The sizes varied. Many small fish(1-2lbs), many Medium (2-3lbs) and many large (4-8Lbs)Largest was just a 9. Lures were worms all colors worked and large FF shad. Had to be blue back shad. Apparently the fish has changed their preference from the Tennessee Shad to the Blue Shad. I will get with you concerning the May Trip,

Again, thanks for everything,
Your friend Ovide

Dear Terry:

I am glad you wrote because I definitely wanted to touch bases with you.

I really couldn't put into words just how happy I am with the Lodge, the week's incredible fishing and the filming, because I am leaving Thursday for China and just do not have enough time.

This will be the most incredible fishing lure infomercial ever shown! The Lodge was the best I have ever been to in terms of the people and service. I have never been on a better fishing trip in my life. I was a professional guide and fisherman for 25 years out of Hawaii and I do not give such praise lightly!

I can't say enough about Dan either. Dan is the MAN! You are extremely lucky to have him on board. All of us knew that every need would be attended to if Dan was told of it. It is very smart of you to have such a great go-between and translator, so all your customers' desires are communicated to the rest of the lodge correctly. This is so important when in a foreign land not to have a communications breakdown with the people who are taking care of you. The stay at the lodge was outstanding and the fishing was "super grandee"! You definitely have the number one Bass fishing spot in the world!

Best and Tight Lines:
Sadu Frehm
President, Light-N-Strike Strobes Inc.


It was an excellant trip. The guys are still talking about. Whenever I look at my watch, I wonder what's going on at the lodge. Baldemere was great. He was an excellant "cultural" guide.

Manuel is great. We monopolized Manuel's time while we were there. I had the opportunity to fish with him on Sat.. It rained that day. Everyone said rain kills the fishing. My partner Bill and I caught more and larger fish that day than the prior sunny days.

I have had a chance to reflect on the overall experience. The Salazars are an amazing family. Rene is the ever attentive host. He is very gracious and thoughtful. Manuel is truly a man of the earth. He is at home on the water. He is part of the earth. Baldemere is very adaptive. He can adlib or rise to any cultural interfacing. Mexico has alot to offer. We have seen the best parts.

Ross is a great guy. He really responsive. He knows what needs to be done and gets it done. He is very intuitive. Being able to see and walk about El Fuente was very enjoyable. Being a business person myself, I compliment you on your friends and staff.

The Kitchen staff was great. Aurora and Theresea cooking was great. We got them a couple of snow globes with snowmen inside. They were very pleased with the gifts.

And yes we did get the biggest one!

Thank you,


Perry and myself had a true lifetime fishing adventure at the Lake Huites Lodge. We both caught personal best fish.

Perry caught a 12.0, and numerous fish in the 4 - 6 pound range. He got on a roll on morning where he landed 5 fish over 6 pounds.

Myself, I caught three fish over 8 pounds, a 10.12, 9.5, 8.11, and numerous 3 - 5 pound fish.

We took lots of pictures, so if you need any for your web-site let me know. Rene at the lodge asked us to send some to him, and if you can furnish a mailing address I will do so.

Lake condition was stained in the center sections of the lake, to clear on the extreme upper and lower areas. Weather was perfect with temp's ranging from 55 - 80 each day with low, to no, wind and plenty of sunshine.

Perry and I concentrated on spawning fish in the backs of coves and on any main lake islands. The big fish listed above were all caught in water less than 3 feet deep. Perry's fish of 12 pounds appeared to have already spawned out, but all of my fish were heavy with eggs.

We caught all of our fish on either Texas Rigged, or Carolina Rigged watermelon lizards, and pumpkin fire lizards. The Texas Rig seemed to work best in the heavy structure vs. the Carolina Rig which tended to get hung-up a little more frequently. I used a light weight so I could float the lizard in a out of cover, and boy was it effective. If the lizard bite stays hot, your clients should take at least 6 packs of their favorite colors each. Our average catch was 30 to 40 Bass per day, but some of the other fisherman were catching up to 100 per day, but not near the quality that Perry and I were catching, and I'll take quality over quantity any day on any lake.

The accommodations were great, the staff was courteous, and Russell is a mess! I will be back to this lake. Thanks for everything.


Terry, thanks from my son and I for the best time we have ever had together. I will never forget this special time we spent together and I don't think he will either. Your kindness and generosity when booking always be remembered and apprieciated. Again thanks and I will do everything I can to send you business and will be back myself many times again.

Sincerely Ovide Miller and son.


Dad and I returned home Monday evening, after the 4 day fishing trip. Very impressed with the Lodge, especially Renee. Fantastic!! Our first day we only caught about 40 fish. Second day, 70 fish. 3rd day, over 100. 4th day, between 75 and 100. When we found the fish, the fishing was incredible. Caught many 5 lbs or better, with 4 fish, between 7-9 lbs. I would give the experience a very high rating, and certainly hope to schedule another trip in the future.

Terry, I can't thank you enough. Dad and I had a wonderful time. We caught some very nice, hard fighting fish. And I will say nothing but nice things on the 'reports' page. Also, feel free to use me as a reference. I would say nothing but positive things. The lodge and food, and Rennee, again, made your lodge, in my opinion, world class. Thanks again for everything.

Take care,

matt voth

Terry, our trip went better than we could have ever hoped it would. We had a great time both fishing and hanging out at the lodge.

How's the fishing down there now? We want to come back and are trying to figure out what month will give us the best odds. Any suggestions.

Thanks Terry.

Hi Terry,

The trip was super. You have a fine operation ...exceptional facilities...with a great staff... all working toward the same goal... client satisfaction.

I'd like to look at a return trip this Fall perhaps November. It looks like I may have several others that might like to make the next trip. Wish it could be next month for that matter but gotta' make enough to pay for the fun. I'll get with you soon on some available dates.

The next time you have a chance to talk with Russ ask him about our hotter than hot shower we had one evening. He's quietly fills a very important role for you at the camp and does a great job of it. Tell him hola from Josh and I.

All best regards,


Hi Terry,

We had a great trip. Caught alot of fish with a good number of 5's & 6's. Lost a 10+ at boat on last day but hey that's why you go back. I would prefer the water to be clearer next trip. Keep me posted on conditions. I am thinking about this fall or next Jan/Feb depending on water conditions & commercial netting situtation. You have a great camp with very competent and helpful people running it. It is obvious you have the best camp on the lake. My son & I used Moyses(sp) who did a good job of finding fish & trying to salvage our crankbaits. Next trip I want to go out with Manuel a couple of days. Only suggested improvement would be to equip the boats with better and larger nets.

Thanks again for a great trip.



Just got back to my desk...the trip was excellent...we used all old lures....and caught lots of fish ...mostly in the 3-4 lb range ...John caught two 7 biggest was 5.8 . John's hot lure was the big Bomber in green and one 7b on hot lures were a PICO Digger in FireTiger, a white coach dog PICO Digger and a Speedcast FanDiver , white w/orange belly ( I left my big Bomber at home!)We got some good top water at dark...John's other 7 lb was on a little prop bait jsut before dark back in one of the canyons. Twice we pulled 8-10 nice fish from little canyons...another time (jsut after lunch) we caught some 3-4 lbers busting shad in a little cove ...we had five straight casts where John and I both had fish on..kept the guide jumping.

As usual the staff and all was was good to see Renee and Manuel Salazar again...we also met Baldedar (sp)....what a class act....we hadn't met Russ before, but he is super.

We fished with the vet bunch from Spearman...they were all very congenial and we all had a great time!!

As soon as I get some pictures back I'll do a little report for the web page.

Oh, if they ever drain the lake, some one will wonder how al of those old lures got in this new lake.