Lake Huites Major Bass Fishing Hot Spot!

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Monday, May 12, 2003


“ The lake is about 120 feet below full,” said Terry Hollan the night we arrived at the best bass lake I have ever fished. It was dark and I was anxious to see Lake Huites (pronounced Wheaties) in Mexico. Terry is the owner of Lake Huites Lodge.

Lake Huites has become known as one of the greatest bass fisheries in the world. Countless television shows have done a tremendous job of informing bass anglers of what to expect on this desert lake. But when the sky began to brighten on our first morning I was shocked. The lake was down, way down. Not 120 feet horizontally, but vertically. It was like nothing I could have imagined.

If most Texas lakes lost 120 feet of water, they would dry up. But at Lake Huites, we still found over 200 feet of water left in the lake. The lake is fed by five rivers and it is relatively narrow with a steep shoreline covered in brush and cactus.

With the lake this low, I was not expecting fishing to be good. Typically when lakes fluctuate like this, fishing is bad. Fish don’t like changing water levels. But Huites is different.

Over a three-day period we caught fish on every lure we threw. Literally, every place we fished we caught fish. So did everybody else. We caught fish on deep points as well as in the back of feeder creeks in 12 inches of water.

I mentioned earlier that other television shows had featured Huites’ great fishing. But they never mentioned the vast water fluctuation. I asked Terry to tell me more about the ever changing water level and how it affects fishing. “I’ve seen the lake 70 feet lower than this. In October it’ll be full. When the rains hit, the Sierra Madre Mountains it will fill quickly. I’ve seen it come up 18 feet overnight and we still catch fish,” he said.

The Lake Huites Lodge is located on a mountain overlooking the water. From high above you can see the land that will soon be engulfed by water. The lodge accommodates up to 20 guests and you’ll never hear the word “no.” It is not often that people under-promise and over-deliver. But that is what Lake Huites Lodge does.

I couldn’t imagine fishing being that good. Neither could any of the other guests. We had experienced the best fishing we ever had. If you want to catch lots of bass in Mexico, Lake Huites is the place. For more information on Lake Huites Lodge, log on to

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