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News from Lake Huites Lodge, March 2003

Fishing in General

It has been a strange year for Lake Huites. First, they drew a lot of water off in December, which kind of spooked the fish. Then we got 6 feet of snow in the mountains between Christmas and New Years. That, in itself, wouldn’t have had a major effect, but we then got a warm rain the first week in January which melted all the snow and dumped cold water into Lake Huites. This really spooked the fish, and they went suspended in 40 to 60 feet of water.

Anglers used to fishing Lake Huites had to change their tactics. The winning combination was fishing deep with Carolina rigged large lizards or worms. The good news is that all that is behind us. The lake has been slowly filling. The fish have moved out of the deep water and up into the canyons. First it was the 2 to 4’s then the 4 to 6 pounders. Know the bigger fish have moved up into the channels. The top water bite is still off but the bigger fish can be had in the channels right off the banks. The fish are there. You may have to change your thinking a little, but they can be had.

We Listen to Our Customers

Skeeter Bass Boats at Lake  Huites LodgeMany of our customers have expressed an interest in fishing from fully-equipped bass boats. Well, you got ‘em! Our plan is to add five Skeeters to our flotilla that will be available as an upgrade package to our customers. Currently, we have two on the water. The Skeeters are fully equipped with dual Fish Finders, Dual Trolling Motors, Water Temp, GPS and a 150 hp Yamaha. We have added these to our flotilla to satisfy the discriminating angler who desired more power, more accuracy and more comfort.

These boats are meticulously maintained by Russ Johnson at the lodge. Russ has adopted the Skeeters as his new babies and keeps them in perfect operating condition

Lake Huites Lodge is not the place for Weight Watchers

Our food at Lake Huites Lodge has always been good. Well, it just got better. World renowned Chef Dave Danhi of Redondo Beach California has just spent three weeks with us. We now have new menu items and excellent pastries. We were presently surprised when our kitchen staff took to Chef David like a long-lost friend. They learned and listened.

Once again, Lake Huites Lodge has gone the extra mile for the client. Ask yourself what other facility would do this for the clients? I dare say you won’t come up with one. Our policy of providing the best service possible and truth in advertising has worked well for both our lodge and our customers. Lake Huites Lodge produces where the others just talk.

Fishing with the Pros

No wannabe TV celebrities – Lake Huites Lodge has the real deal!

Skeeter Boat Pro Keith WarrenHere is your chance of a lifetime. Cancel your appointments, change your wedding date, forget your university or whatever you have to do, but make a reservation for Lake Huites Lodge for May 3. 2003. Skeeter Boat Pro Keith Warren is coming to Lake Huites Lodge to film a show. I am sure many of you have seen the show, Outdoor Adventures on the original Outdoor Channel.

Keith will not be alone. Nationally syndicated radio host Mike Jackson of Outdoor Sports Radio Network will also be on hand. Spence Petros, one of North America's most versatile anglers, will be joining the party. Spence has a resume that is just too long to list. Author, fishing educator, tournament angler, tackle designer and producers of over 125 TV shows on fishing are but a few of his qualifications. His three years running on ESPN’s national show Outdoor Writers is qualification enough.

Here is your chance. If you want to rub elbows with the pros, get some free tips, converse over a frozen margarita our possibly see you face on TV, you better call for a reservation quickly. Space is limited, so give Terry or Cheryl a ring at 1-888-744-8867.

Hope to see you soon!