Reel Mexican Adventure

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Reel Mexican AdventureWe arrived early, just as the sun was coming up over the mountains that cradle Lake Huites Lodge. The view was breath taking. Although, I had been to Mexico before, this was my first trip to Lake Huites. I am going back. The point of the trip was to experience the awesome fishing on Mexico's hottest bass lake. Not only did we get a taste of the big and numerous bass that call Lake Huites home, we were treated to a cultural experience. Great food, unbelievable service, comfortable accommodations and wonderful hospit ality.

Lake Huites Lodge is owned by Reel Mexican Adventures. Owners Terry Hollan and Renee Salazar Robles run this full service operation. Transportation from the airport to the lodge, wonderful meals, room service, fully air conditioned rooms with tile floors and twenty four hour security. The lodge also has a back up power generator, and a water purification system.

When I arrived, I stepped out of the truck to a bunch of smiling faces. These faces not only were comprised of the staff that waits on you hand and foot, but of the departing fisherman. One gentleman from Kentucky said, " Boys, its incredible. Enjoy yourself, we sure did" Your luggage is unloaded and brought to your room. Now its time to put your fishing gear together. Make no mistake about it, Lake Huites Lodge wants you to hook those big bass and they waste no time getting you to one of the 12 rigged Carolina skiff boats. These 18 foot boats are a great set up for you, partner, all your gear and your guide. There is also an upgrade package that includes fully rigged Skeeter bass boats.

The following morning I was awaken by a knock on the door. I was exhausted from the previous days fishing. So I was surprised to see one of the young lady employees standing outside my door with hot coffee. Yes, I am on vacation! It beats an alarm clock. That is your cue to move to the dinning area where breakfast is served. From breakfast to dinner, each meal was expertly prepared. You looked forward to fishing and eating! Next, and I loved this part, you walked back to your room where your fishing equipment was picked up and loaded in the truck for you. You are then driven down the mountain to meet your guide. Your equipment is unloaded and carried to the boat for you. I was greeted with a smile from Manuel Salazar Robles, my guide for the day. You fish from 6:00 am to 12:00 noon. Then you are brought back for lunch. You are driven a short distance up the mountain, back to the lodge. The door is opened for you and you are greeted at the gate by smiling faces with fresh Margaritas,(or soft drink if you prefer) and everyone goes to sit on the shaded patio that over looks beautiful Lake Huites. Fishing stories are exchange, and buddies rib one another on who had the biggest bass. Lunch is served. Then, and here is the part I liked, its siesta time.

You awake about 2:00pm and head back down to the lake. You fish till dark and are brought back for dinner. All your gear is brought back to your room and you return to the dinning area for a fantastic dinner. The stars really shine on a clear night up in those mountains. Lake Huites Lodge has this large open tiled patio that over looks the lake. You can see perfectly as the sun sets, and seems to tuck itself away, just for the night. The bright orange and fiery red colors make for awesome pictures. They seem to reflect the high energy from the day.

The fishing at Lake Huites Lodge was incredible. I get to fish quite a bit. I am here to tell you, after 4 days, I was sore! We averaged 50 fish a day per person in the boat. That was not as good as it gets. The lake was low and the bass were in a post spawn mode so the fishing, I was told, was a little slow. I never noticed! A hundred fish a day when action is rockin, is common. Fish around 10 pounds where caught while I was there. Heart breaker stories about bigger ones were heard nightly. The lake record bass stands at around 15 pounds. The lake is only 8 years old. WOW! My guide Manuel was great and really knew the lake. Every time you caught a fish, the guide takes it off and sets you back up to make another cast. You don't even have to take your own fish off.

The success of Lake Huites Lodge can be attributed to the financial and administrative support of its partners and the definite skill and care of the people operating this unique resort. This place is incredible. When you plan a trip to Lake Huites, book it early. It is now the most popular resort on the lake. It is second to none on all levels. It is not only a vacation, but a first class adventure with all the amenities.